Ancestors and Hero Cultus: Walking the Worlds, Vol. I, Issue I

Ancestors and Hero Cultus  (Volume 1) - Walking the Worlds

Walking the Worlds a venture spearheaded by Galina Krasskova to put explicitly polytheist beliefs in a semi-academic format. Beginning with the topic of death is entirely intentional, as honoring the dead is something that almost all polytheist traditions hold in common.


Many of the essays within ANCESTORS AND HERO CULTUS are written by popular pagan authors and bloggers, and it shows. Topics range from cultus reconstruction to animal extinction, and the quality of the articles varies from author to author. Some articles are rambling opinion pieces, while others are articulate and well-researched in their subject matter. There is at least one article for most Eurocentric forms of pagan polytheism, although heathenism by far has the most attention devoted to it. Exactly how much the reader will take away from the issue itself depends entirely on how relevant highly devotional and reconstructive polytheism is relevant to their practices.


Perhaps unrelated to the writings within, but the production value of the journal is top notch. The professionalism of the physical copy in addition to the content itself matches what one would expect from a peer-reviewed journal. It’s a worthwhile beginning to a noble endeavor.