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Blood and Mistletoe: The History of the Druids in Britain - Ronald Hutton

[Morien] wrote extensively on ancient Druidry, making a very personal and idiosyncratic reconstruction of it [...] He was another example of an author who, like Aubrey and Iolo, was incapable of writing a book in the normal sense of the word. True to his profession as a journalist, he tended instead to turn out what was effectively articles -- short, disconnected reflections on different aspects of a subject -- and then collect and bind them together under a common title.   


In addition to everyone dying of syphilis, I am highly amused that most of historians of Druidry would probably be bloggers if they were alive today.


On a side note, Welsh names are ridiculous. So far there's been Clwydfardd, Hwfa Môn, Myfyr Morganwg, Iorwerth Dywysog... and that last one just translates to Prince Edward!