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Faust - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Getting back to this one finally. Blergh.


The opening of FAUST, for the uninitiated, begins with a manager, a playwright, and a clown/actor arguing about what makes the best type of play just minutes before that night's show begins. The manager wants to show only things that'll be popular, the playwright wants to write artsy-fartsy stuff, and the clown argues that both can co-exist without conflict. The manager and the playwright ignore the clown and proceed to bicker for several more pages.


Good to see that in 208 years, absolutely nothing has changed about the entertainment industry. 


The segment has nothing to do with the story, and only exists to tell the reader that FAUST is going to be entertaining spiritual melodrama. All I'm getting out of it is that the theater didn't have the freaking script ready before opening night, though.