Serenity--Stepping Out

Serenity--Stepping Out - Realbuzz Studios While I had issues with "New Bad Girl in Town's" approach to troubled teenage-dom, "Stepping Out" succeeds much more admirably. In particular, the issue of substance abuse is addressed with an air of seriousness and understanding that I honestly didn't expect from a Christian anti-drug comic.

While Serenity herself probably needs see an actual therapist, the second volume of the series mostly shows her opening her eyes to the consequences of her lifestyle may have-- and more importantly, realizing that the "Bible thumpers" that she despises can have serious baggage from substance abuse, too. It's the first step to realizing that she isn't alone, even if she doesn't believe in prayer or the divine. Of course, the purpose of the comic is to educate above all else, so it also serves as a decent introduction to how 12-step programs work and how to approach them with a healthy mindset.

Alas, the "tough love" nature of the high school prayer group itself still feels too childish to take seriously, but at least they aren't taking up too much of the narrative anymore.