Devotional Polytheism: An Introduction

Devotional Polytheism: An Introduction - Galina Krasskova While there are good ideas in this book, it suffers from poor editing and inconsistent tone. Much of the first half feels like the author took a handful of blog posts on topical worship issues and sewed them together without real rhyme or reason. Furthermore, the author has a tendency to say that she'll explain something later... only to change the subject and never actually do that. It doesn't help that Galina Krasskova tends to be extremely judgmental and bitter about practices that don't align with hers, to the point of plain vulgarity. She certainly spends most of her time telling the reader how not to do devotionals, at any rate.

That said, the book isn't devoid of use. If nothing else, it's interesting to see examples of devotions specific to Asatru gods, from community celebrations to day-to-day worship. Krasskova also incorporates the Hellenic concept of miasma into her work, and uses it to illustrate how maintaining the self is just as important as maintaining a relationship with the gods. It's just a pity that the reader has to wade through the rest of the book in order to finds these quality tidbits.

I read this book as part of a pagan bookclub, and we all came to the conclusion that it just wasn't very helpful, especially to readers that aren't already familiar with various heathen/Asatru community issues. It's a shame that this book was so disappointing, because Krasskova is one of the most vibrant and accessible Asatruar authors in the community, any and all controversy aside. Exploring the Northern Tradition may have earned a permanent spot on my bookshelf, but this book simply fell flat.