The Devil's Bible

The Devil's Bible - Holly Vane There's a good story in here, somewhere. Unfortunately, it's a story that needed two or three rounds of editing and rewrites to fully flesh it out. The text is riddled with numerous pronunciation errors, and sentences are frequently missing words or using incorrect ones. There's at least one conversation where the words father and mother somehow managed to mix themselves up, for example.

For what it's worth, the three main characters (Sophie, Angel, and Faith) are perfect for the type of modern tragedy that the author appears to be going for. The emphasis is on their flaws rather than their strengths, and it works surprisingly well. Sophie is perpetually short-sighted teenager who only cares about getting who she wants, Angel is consumed with possessiveness and anger, while Faith, despite her name, has difficultly being faithful in turn. The three combined fuel a cycle of self-destruction that hits the right notes without going completely overboard with awfulness. As such, the resulting melodrama in the second half of the book feels like a natural progression for these characters, which is not something that can be said often.

What brings the story down to a one star, however, is the conclusion, or lack thereof. After spending over half of this novella with Sophie and learning about her goals, motivations, and seeing her about to put her tragic plan inaction, we abruptly jump between the POVs of several over characters, and it completely ruins whatever tension or mystique that had been built up about the vampires and their book hunt. Instead of having Sophie discover it for herself and establishing important foreshadowing about her place in the plot, everything is explained to her (and the reader) during the eleventh hour as the story rushes through to the ending. The end result was extremely underwhelming. We don't even get to see Sophie's plan put into action, as the results are told second-hand well after the fact.

Remember, children: show, don't tell, and always, always always proofread your work.