Legend, Volume 1

Legend, Volume 1 - Woo SooJung, Kara Fun fact, I was actually introduced to this manhwa through its original Korean printing as opposed to the English translation that I happily own today.

As such, it's prudent to point out just how well KARA captured the emotions and general story within her artwork. I may not have understood the dialogue, but I definitely understood who the characters were and what they were after. From adorable humor to sinister plotting, the expressive artwork conveys everything that mere words cannot. Furthermore, KARA's unique style helps the title stand out from similar Asian-flavored historical fantasies.

That's as much praise I can give the opening volume, however. The story is serviceable, and the (completely adorable) humorous moments don't take away from the serious plot developments later on. The story does move a little too quickly from the real world to the first real past!timeline plot for my tastes, as it seems like the main duo discover the village of children a little too conveniently, but that's a minor nitpick.

Despite being a slightly cliche "plucky but book-dumb" school girl character, Eun-Gyo is enjoyable to follow as her antics manage to escalate even the most harmless situations into over-the-top fun. Even at her goofiest moments, she never truly breaks the suspension of disbelief in relation to her situation. On the other hand, her serious moments are a bit too rare, and she can come off as heartless as a result. As we don't really know enough about No-ah or the other characters at this point, she's pretty much carrying the whole story at this point. While young readers about her age may find her very compelling, older people may find her a little hard to take seriously. That's a big issue, as she makes or breaks the entire story in this volume.

Overall, LEGEND is a great series, but new readers should keep in mind that the beginning is a bit shallow in comparison to everything that follows it.