New Bad Girl in Town

New Bad Girl in Town - Realbuzz Studios SERENITY is one of those comics that I brought over a decade ago because I thought the cartoon girl on the cover was hot. As far as impulse buys go, I've done worse-- in fact, I found the series very inspiration when I was sixteen. That doesn't change the fact that it's definitely not the sort of thing that a gay pagan like myself usually reads.

The story itself is about a Christian prayer group trying to reform a broken girl with a rebellious streak. Unfortunately, the first volume is VERY shallow, and takes Serenity's problems as just something that needs friendship to make better. Serenity herself, however, is quite believable; her outbursts and self-destructive nature may be over the top and melodramatic, but they make sense for a girl who has no support system and good reason to not trust authority figures. I really found myself rooting for her to find her path back to the light. However, too much time was spent on goofy hi-jinks at Serenity's expense, instead of giving her the serious attention she deserves.

At least it's not very preachy.