Basket Case

Basket Case - Realbuzz Studios "Basket Case" is the last volume of SERENITY that I purchased, despite the fact this is the volume where that the author finally hammered out the balance between seriousness and goofiness, and most of the main characters have developed dynamic personalities worth investing in.

Like volume two, "Basket Case" takes an informative, but notably Christian, approach to a serious issue affecting young adults. In this case, it's the topic of parenthood-- or more importantly, how parenting effects a child. Over-protective, absentee, and teenage parents are all given a fair shake. Serenity's case continues to be the most interesting, as the situation with her own mother is obviously abusive. Unlike stories where the abusive family member is shown only in a terrible light, Serenity's mother does seem to genuinely understand her screw-ups, and probably needs just as much help as Serenity does to mend their relationship. As such, it feels very realistic and appropriate for the series' target audience.

The actual plot itself is pretty inconsequential, and I had no urge to continue reading the series after this point. Good characters and complex relationships can only carry a story so far.